While waiting for my adventures to begin, I was elating the prospect to my brother. He questioned why there were no canals in Dorset.

Thanks to the internet I was able to discover that a Dorset and Somerset canal was indeed planned, being authorised by a Act of Parliament in 1796. It was planned to run from near Bradford on Avon down to Poole.

Interestingly, no locks were planned it was to have boat lifts and the ‘Fussells Balance Lock’ has recently been excavated.

It was essentially very similar to the Anderton Boat lift on the Trent and Mersey Canal, still in operation to this day.

It would have had aqueducts, tunnels and rolled through some beautiful countryside.

Sadly it was never completed, having run out of money in 1803. If it had been it would have been one of the busiest today on the network, i’m sure.

Today you can walk along some of the canal bed, view some amazing infrastructure but sadly, not walk through the tunnels that still exist.

There is a website if you would like to know more. It is: https://www.dorandsomcanal.org

I would like to acknowledge their website along with Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dorset_and_Somerset_Canal
as the source of information.