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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How big is your narrowboat?

    She is 57′ Traditional Stern narrowboat, (17.37m) in length.

    I give a walk though in my introductory video, which you can view by clicking here.

  • Can you Cruise Anywhere?

    At this length the Narrowboat is able to cruise virtually all the connected canal and Inland Waterways of England. There are many canals which are not connected and here they maybe restrictions on the size of craft that can use them.

  • Can you take the Narrowboat to Scotland ?

    There is no connectivity from the main canal network in England to that of Scotland. It would be necessary to transport the narrowboat at some cost or hire another in the locality.

  • What do you do for Water?

    I have a 120 Gallon (545 litres) stainless steel water tank on board. Water is available at one of the many CRT water stations dotted around the network and takes between 30 and 60 mins to fill the tank depending on the water pressure.

  • Is it cold in Winter?

    Actually, i have yet to go through a full winter but when it has been cold, I have found it to be really hot in the boat necessitating to open door and / or windows.

  • Do you burn much coal?

    None actually, the multi fuel stove turned out to be a diesel stove, which is very efficient.

  • What do you do to earn money?

    I am now retired so I no longer work for a living. 51 years was long enough!

  • Is it expensive to live on a boat?

    You can make it expensive if you wanted to but essentially, if you have a permanent mooring then you are classed as residential and so in addition to your Canals and River Trust Licence, Council Tax is also payable. As a continuous cruiser, you don’t have that liability although you do have increased fuel costs etc.

  • Do you have a drone?

    In a word yes. Have I taken it out of the box yet – no! This is something I want to get into but frankly, I’m too busy at the moment getting the narrowboat the way I want it.

  • Narrowboat Tales Logo

    Its always lovely to hear from my subscribers and especially when they wish to send me a unique photo of them and within which, depicts my logo.

    After a  number of requests I am prepared to allow the download of my logo subject to the conditions:

    • The Logo is copyright and no unlawful reproductions may be used in any media without prior permission.
    • The logo is made available solely for it to be included in a unique setting which is then submitted to me and broadcast in my own social media streams.
    • The logo may not be changed, edited or used in any other environment without my express permission in writing.
    • By downloading this image, you agree to be bound by the above conditions.

    To submit your unique photo, please download the logo by clicking on the image below.

    The resultant image can be sent to me by any of my social media contact avenues.

    I look forward to seeing your creation 🙂

  • Do you use Solar Power?

    Yes I do. I installed a Victron kit with 430kw of power and am very please with this.

    You can see my vlog where I detail the installation by clicking here.

  • How do you connect to the Internet?

    I have an TP-LINK Archer MR600 Wi-Fi Router with an unlimited data sim from 3. In addition I have a rolling 60Gb data bundle on my EE mobile that I can ‘hotlink’ to if required.

    I initially experienced a lot of problems and I detail these in my Broadband Rant videos which you can find here:

    The Frustrations and problems are detailed in this video
    The Solution and comments can be found in this video

  • What is it like driving a Narrowboat?

    Best described as driving a single decker bus, but from the rear.

  • Do you cruise on your own?

    The majority of time I cruise solo but not always.

  • Can we visit you on your Narrowboat?

    Sorry no, the Narrowboat is my home and I prefer to keep it to myself.

  • Is it hard to do locks on your own?

    It is certainly not as easy as having someone to help, but provided you take your time and don’t rush, its fine.

  • Why did you decide to move onto a Narrowboat?

    After fighting for my life in hospital it makes you focus on what YOU want to do when you survive. I simply wanted to live and enjoy some of the finer points of life without having to race along motorways.

  • Can you moor up anywhere?

    Essentially yes, on the towpath side, provided there are no restrictions in place. Its normal during the main cruising season, March – October to be able to stay 14 days in one place before moving on unless, as I mentioned, restrictions are in place. Outside of these months, most restrictive stays are increased to 14 days. You can of course pay to stay in a Marina for the odd nights or longer, but at additional cost.

  • What if you overstay on your mooring?

    Canals and River Trust have ‘rangers’ that patrol a set length of towpath in a locality. They note down licence numbers and boat names. If you have overstayed WITHOUT contacting CRT to advise them of an issue (medial, mechanical etc) you will be issued with a overstay notice. If you ignore this, they will eventually start legal proceedings and you could lose your boat!

  • Are tunnels straight?

    Now that is a good question!

    Most tunnels have a slight bow in them with some being more twisty than others. Some, like the Braunston Tunnel are very ‘kinky’ and being two way can make for an interesting transition through it. Others, for instance the Harecastle, is more or less straight, a testament to the navigators that built it, but being only one way is easier than a lot of the shorter two way tunnels to go through.

    Tunnels vary in length and depth and invariably have the odd drip or two, especially when there has been a lot of rain recently.

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