Roller Coasters are meant for the fairground and not for life.

Well that’s my conclusion after the past 7 months! Having been asked to move out of the house at short notice then messed about for a further 4 weeks sofa surfing while hunting for a Narrowboat proved interesting to say the least.

This was compounded all thanks to a consultant at the hospital, who decided that my second probable TIA I had in early January may have in fact been a post stroke seizure. The repercussions of that meaning a suspension of my driving licence for 6 months.

Now, if you have tried looking for boats without your own transport, you will quickly realise how inaccessible some of these marinas really are. Compound this with the Coronavirus outbreak and it all starts to get a bit messy, especially doing ones best to avoid public transport and relying on the good nature of friends and family, usually over long distances.

Still every cloud has a silver lining and thankfully today I can now launch Narrowboat Tales. Today after first watching Country House Gent​ sitting in his camper van debating whether to to put an offer in on his beloved Aslan with all his belongings around him, I too am now the proud owner of a lockup, which houses all my personal belongings lols.

During the past 12 months I must have watched every youtuber out there with a Narrowboat channel. Some have been especially useful to me and are still very much part of my TV viewing today.

The first action when leaving the house, was downsizing. I’m not exactly a hoarder, but you still seem to gather an explicable about of clothes that no longer fit, some you would not dare wear again and a whole lot of personal belongings you never use.

I took the, ‘not worn in 2 years’ mantra and placed everything in a room full of plastic bags and donated it all to charity. It felt so good after doing that, I did it all over again and that still felt just as good. The personal effects and belongings were not quite so easy, but I did eventually get there and again felt that feeling of being uplifted. Its very strange seeing your life all boxed up in a lockup!

Now for a period of ‘sofa surfing’ and thanks to some amazing friends and family I felt able to move towards the ultimate goal of living on a Narrowboat.

Looking for a Narrowboat, should in theory be easy., There is even a saying that ‘your boat finds you’. Photographs on websites make everything look so good, that is until you go see it and wish you had not bothered. Prices are so weird, over priced boats and don’t live up to expectation and seemingly cheaper boats that…well need to be given some degree of TLC.

Then occasionally you come across one that fits all the requirements I had so carefully mapped out on paper. Not a Trad stern, stainless steel water tank, solid fuel fire etc etc. The problem is that I could not fall in love with them, for no other reason than it had not found me I guess.

It all came to head last week. I visited a well know marina to see some boats I had found that I imagined would be of interest. Only to leave the brokerage feeling quite despondent.

There was one other boat at another well know marina, a short drive away so went to see that.How wrong can you be, it was not for me sadly.

I think the salesman took pity on, what must have been my rather pathetic looking face, and gave me the keys to one outside of my desired range.

As soon as I opened the door, I fell in love with it. My boat had found me even if it did have a trad sterm!!

After a very sleepless night in a rather large, but almost empty hotel, it was back to the Marina and a deal was done.

In the morning the survey was booked for the next week and with a fair wind I shall be living aboard in the very near future.

I always found it interesting the stories behind the reason why people go to live on a Narrowboat. These posts on this page therefore detail my behind the scenes story and I hope that you will find them interesting and helpful as the days, months and hopefully years unfold.

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