So my foray into looking for a narrow boat started with rain of almost biblical proportions coming down as I drove along the M27 / M3. At times I think I would have made better progress if I had indeed, been on a narrowboat!!

The first marina I visited, was in fact hidden away somewhat and despite the sat-nav I still needed to ring to find out where they were.

To say I was disappointed, would be an understatement and not helped by the appalling weather that had decided to follow me up country.

I was to learn over the next few days, very quickly, that there is no sensible pricing structure (in my view) for how a price is arrived at. Many boats, in my price range, looked as if they were built at the same time as the ‘ark’ and would need a complete gutting out and starting all over again. If that was the case, it would be better to buy a new sailaway and fit it out myself!

Then there were the other boats that looked fabulous inside and were cheaper than the not so tidy ones. Talk about being confused, why is there no ‘classes guide’ for narrow boats?

A good nights sleep bought about a fabulously sunny day and it was back doing the rounds, starting with breakfast at The Gongoozlers Rest Cafe as recently featured on the Channel 5 series, ‘Celebrities go Barging’ but well known among boaters generally.

With a rather full stomach ( nice 🙂 ) it was back travelling over the Midlands looking at marina after marina. It may have been the sunshine but I did see a number of boats I liked, some I liked very much and some, well … i’ve already mentioned those!

Its important to have a good idea of the market when boat hunting and I was pleased that this gave me the insight on the task that lies ahead and one I relish immensely 🙂

Thankfully every adventure has to have a high point. Mine was meeting the great David Suchet CBE who very kindly afforded me a handshake and the exchange of a few words. What a lovely man he is.

During my travels I came across one boat in particular that would be perfect for my father as it bears his name 🙂

Standing on a canal towpath, watching the passing boats is very much like a child in a chocolate shop. You can see and smell the adventure but cannot touch… but it wont be long…